Is Hiposudol safe?

The whole Hiposudol product range has a good safety profile to inhibit excessive sweating.

Does Hiposudol contain alcohol?

The topical formats (roll-on and powder) do not contain alcohol, making them suitable for the most sensitive skin. The wipes and spray do contain alcohol.

Hiposudol Insoles are not impregnated with alcohol.

How long does the effect of Hiposudol last?

The duration of the effect is directly related to the use of Hiposudol. As you use it, the effect lasts longer and longer.  For this reason, over the first week, you have to apply Hiposudol Wipes once a day. Afterwards, you can maintain the effect by applying Hiposudol Wipes 2-3 times a week. At this stage, you can combine them with Hiposudol Spray or Hiposudol Roll-on applied 1-2 times a day.

Does Hiposudol eliminate unpleasant odour?

Hiposudol inhibits sweating and as such also eliminates unpleasant odour, since this is largely due to the activity of microorganisms on damp skin.

How old do you have to be to use Hiposudol?

  • Hiposudol Powder can be used past 3 years of age.
  • Hiposudol Roll-on can be used past 3 years of age but is not recommended to be used in the armpits until the age of 6 years.
  • Hiposudol Spray can be used past 9 years of age.
  • Hiposudol Wipes, are the most powerful product in the Hiposudol range and are suitable past the age of 12 years.

Can Hiposudol Powder only be used on the feet?

Other than regulating sweating and unpleasant odour on the feet, it can also be applied to the hands and skin creases. It absorbs very well and does not leave a whitish colour.

Do Hiposudol Insoles contain aluminium?

No, the insoles are impregnated with activated charcoal and the Sanitized® antimicrobial agent. Activated charcoal helps absorb sweat, combining well will the antimicrobial agent to eliminate the bacteria responsible for unpleasant odour.

How many insoles come in the Hiposudol Insoles box?

There are two insoles in each box, one for each foot. They can be cut to fit your feet.

Can you use two products from the Hiposudol range at the same time?

Yes. In the maintenance phase, Hiposudol Wipes can be used together with any of the products in the range. And in severe cases of excessive sweating of the feet, you can use Hiposudol Insoles along with Hiposudol Powder.